Cun a.s.d. is the sports association that manages the events.

In 2010 the world of Milanese sports entertainment was still dry and unexplored. Few offers for students, access difficulties and costs


At the end of their studies, some young Milanese people decided to create a new "entertaiment" system exploiting one of the many visceral loves of the city of Milan:

that for football, which has always distinguished the Lombard capital.

It was decided to organize a first university football tournament for seven to eighteen teams, but the great intuition is actually to offer the participating teams a service of

video footage that can allow all the guys to be able to admire their deeds on the various social and You Tube channels.

In fact, multimedia is one of the predominant features that have characterized CUN asd throughout its history. However, in the first year of implementation the scarcity of funds,

the managerial difficulties and the lack of time almost push the abandonment of the project despite the great following. The turning point takes place one day in spring 2011.

The final of the University Trophy between AC Picchia and ADO Soccer Club is a resounding success with the public.

It's the turning point. We must resist and persevere. With the help of some sponsors the following year we start again with new energy.

A long journey begins that leads to a constant and clear improvement of the services offered above all from the point of view of multimedia, the real flagship of the association.

Over the years, the goal has been to continue investing to create a stage that can guarantee an always better show and the achievement of great

results, convinces the association to invest in a major expansion.

In 2012 it was decided to open the doors to the football world with the creation of the Series I, a five-man football tournament reserved for companies during which

for the first time in Italy he experiments with the use of the DJI Phantom Custom drone for aerial photography.

During the 2015 edition, for the first time the CUN referees have been equipped with regular spray can so as to be able to more and more uniform to the great professional football. Between

many innovations proposed and inserted by CUN asd there is also the use of a Go Pro camera fixed on the race director so as to be able to view the most excited actions of the match

also from the point of view of the one who has to make the decisions.

The third major project in time of the CUN asd is the Expo Cup, open exhibition summer championship that had its first edition in the summer of 2015, dedicated to the

experimentation with new technologies and sports entertainment systems.

During the 2016 championship, the experimentation of the moviola in the field and the referee three, has a

great success and can guarantee to all the players of the various competitions to try something truly unique and dreamed by many.

The Lega Scuola Superiori, from the 2016/2017 season will make real what most of the Italian students have long dreamed of: the championship for high schools. For the first

in fact. the boys of all the Milanese institutes and high schools will compete in a healthy and compelling competition.

2016/2017 Season of great news regarding the CUN asd and all the amateur football scene. In fact, the Coppa Delle Rose was born: an "open" tournament reserved for women.

The goal is to increase the popularity of women's football in Italy.

The game to grow is endless, let's play it together...