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CUN Asd organizes a football’s 7 competition “open” called “EXPO CUP”.
The matches will play in this sportive structure:
- “S. AMBROGIO PALACE”, C.s. S. Ambrogio, via De Nicola, 3, Milano,
- “TRIESTINA STADIUM”, U.s. Triestina, via Fleming, 13, Milano,
- “SAN SIRO”, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Piazzale Angelo Moratti, Milano.
When: Tuesday & Thursday.
The first match starts at 7:30 pm, the last one end at 10:30 p.m. (unless other indication by the organization).
The competition is going to start on June, 5th, 2018 with the first matches of regular season. The tournament is going to end on June, 27th, 2018 with the Premier Cup final. “EuroCun Finals” will be on May, 27th, 2019 in San Siro Stadium (Milan, Italy).

1.1 The registration is open to everybody.
1.2 Every team until the end of the registration period must fulfill the following obligations:
- fill in the registration form
- pay the fee established by the organization
- record at least 7 (seven) players on the platform, or App “Expo Cup”, available for IOS or Android
- Send the official logo of the team. If the team can’t present a logo, the organization will assign an “office logo”
1.3 To be able to partecipate at the final stages of the competition, every player must have played at least two matches in the regular season.

2.1 Every team until the end of the registration period must fulfill the following obligations:
- fill and sign the registration form;
- pay the fee established by the organization, and attach a document who proved the pay succes;
- send the official logo of the team and approve it use;
- appoint the captain and the club’s responsible;
- create the team on the website;
- record the players on “”, complete their profile with all the information required, profile picture, kit n^ and role.
2.2 Every player until the end of the registration period must fulfill the following obligations:
- register on the website and complete his profile
- procede with the CUN CARD registration (the registration is obbligatory and included; base insurance, the consent to the processing of personal data & copyright, as well as benefit & coupon), this card will be shown in every matches , penalty exclusion from the competition.

3.1 The team is going to be composed by n° 7 (seven) athletes (6 players + 1 goalkeeper) and it’s going to represented by the captain.
3.2 One match can’t started or going on, if in the field the players will not be at least 5 (five).
3.3 It’s possible to have at most 6 players for backup.
3.4 The bench can be composed, as well the backup, with one coach, two senior executive and one health care assistant who will be present on the list. This member, must be registered on the webiste with registration type “B”.
3.5 . Substitutions are unlimited. The changes have to move on the center field, when a player going on, the other one have to move out, penalty the yellow card for the interested players.
Every member of the team will need the same uniform of his team mates: socks, shorts and t-shirt must necessary be the same. Every team will have 10 kits included in the registration fee. It’ll not be possible to play with different uniforms. Every team can buy an away uniform or other kits for other player. 
3.6 Every team have to ensure each player for CUN Asd, through “Cun Card” containing insurance policy valid for the season 2018-19, and for all CUN competitions. This card will be free if the player will spended his blood in Cun’s affiliated centers. Blood donations, guaranteed also a regular sport doctor’s visit. In case of unability for donation, the player it’s held to pay € 25,00 (twentyfive,00), effectiv value of the insurance card. Anyone who doesn’t have insurance, in any way can’t partecipate at the tournaments.
3.7 Every team have to move the request of registration for all the players. That’s possible throught the online platform (website, App “ExpoCup”).
3.8 To be able to partecipate at the final stages of the competition, the players must have taken part at least to two matches in the regular season.

The matches will last 45 minutes, divided in two half by 20 minutes each, with an interval of 5 minutes. The injury times are at the discretion by the referee.

Quarter finals:

1° Gir. A vs 2° Gir. B (1)
1° Gir. B vs 2° Gir. A (2)
1° Gir. C vs 2° Gir. D (3)
1° Gir. D vs 2° Gir. C (4)

1 vs 3 (A)
2 vs 4 (B)

A vs B

4.3At the Championship Cup will participate 16 (sixteen) teams divided into 4 (four) groups of 4 (four) teams (Gir.E - Gir.F - Gir.G - Gir.H), randomly drawn. The first two teams in each group will have the right to the Premier Cup for the following season and to the final phase as follows:

3° Gir. A vs 2° Gir. E (1)
3° Gir. B vs 2° Gir. F (2)
3° Gir. C vs 2° Gir. G (3)
3° Gir. D vs 2° Gir. H (4)
4° Gir. A vs 1° Gir. E (5)
4° Gir. B vs 1° Gir. F (6)
4° Gir. C vs 1° Gir. G (7)
4° Gir. D vs 1° Gir. H (8)

Quarter finals:
1 vs 2 (A)
3 vs 4 (B)
5 vs 6 (C)
7 vs 8 (D)

A vs C (1)
B vs D (2)

1 vs 2

If the winning team is a team from the Premier Cup, it will be admitted to the Premier Cup for the following season.
In case of a tie in the final knockout rounds, at the end of the regular time, 2 (two) extra times from 5 (five) minutes each will be played. In case of further tie we will proceed with penalty kicks as per F.I.G.C. (No. 5 penalties).
In case of a tie between 2 (two) teams at the end of the championship or the group stage for the assignment of the first and / or the second place we will proceed in this mode:
• direct confrontation,
• best goal difference,
• greater number of goals scored,
• draw.In the case of a tie, at the end of the championship or group stage, there are more than 2 (two) teams, it will be used to calculate the classification removed from the teams involved, and will be considered in order:
• greater number of points in the stand-alone classification,
• best goal difference in the standings list,
• greater number of goals scored in the stand-alone classification,
• draw.
On May 27, 2019, a quadrangle is played between the winners of Premier Milano & Championship Milan, Premier Berlin, Premier Barcelona.
In the event of a tie at the end of the regular time, we will proceed with penalty kicks as per F.I.G.C. (No. 5 penalties).

For any repechage for the following season we will proceed as follows:
6.1 Sporting merits
6.2 Best place in the Premier Cup
6.3 Best place in the Championship Cup

Jackpot is € 2500,00 (two thousend and fifty,00) and it will delivered at the captain of Premier Cup’s winner.

The prize money will be paid in vouchers that can be completely spent (you can use them for
purchase a plane ticket, rail, cruise or hotel stay entirely
other, all at market price) these vouchers will have the same value as cash, with
attached voucher transfer in compliance with current legislation.

8.1 Any match time and dates changes have to be concured by both of the teams before the official request to the organization. 
Any time shift of the matches could be possible only if two teams of one match decide to switch with the teams who play in the same evening. The switch will be confirmed only if every team agree. 
It will not be possible to change the day of the match without a deal by the teams. The teams who decides to change the date of the match have to choose another day to retrieval the match indipendently, paying the field and the price of the referee. In this case the video and the journalist’s service will not be included in the match. 
8.2 If there be a team’s delay less than 10 (ten) minutes there will be a sanction for that team (look the “sanctions” on the site If the dealy is more than 10 (ten) minutes will be assigned the defeat by default for 4-0 and the penalization in ranking , 1(one) point less.
In case of defeat by default for the delay, the team that has been late will have to pay a fine of 100,00 (one hundred) that must be payed within the day after the match, pain the radiation of the event. 
8.3 The player who recieves 2 (two) yellow cards in the same match or 4 (four) yellow cards in other matches even not consecutive, will be automatically disqualified for one day of matches. 
8.4 In case the direct red card, the player will be automatically disqualified for the consecution match, if the referee will not decide differently. 
8.5 If one player recieve a red card, the team can’t repleced him no way.
8.6 If one player previously disqualified decide to play and break the rule, his team will lose by default.
8.7 If a team don’t show up for a game, they lose by default for 4-0 and a -1 in the ranking, and they recived a penalty of € 100,00. The team fined, will have to pay the penalty until 48 h. If the club didn’t pay, they will disbarred by the competition.
8.8 The throw-in from the line out, must be played by the hands.
8.9 It’s allowed to score a gol directly from the goalkeeper’s throw.
8.10 For the backpass to the goalkeeper it’s applies the role of the UEFA
8.11 Replacements have to move on the central line of the field. If a player enter before his teammates’ going out, the player will recieve a yellow card.
8.12 If a club host an irregular team, without the request of the point 1, this club will lose the game by default for 4-0. With analysis of the previous mathces, will be checked the regularity of the team and for every irregularity, the club will lose all the game interested.
8.13 Every team have to present our list duly completed in each sections in the following modes:
- e-mail at until 3 pm of the match;
- website, App “ExpoCup”);
If a club doesn’t present the list completed, it can’t play the game

9.1 The appeals can be presented until 48 h after the match and they will necessarily recived to the organization in this mode:
- Facebook / Expo Cup
- e-mail /
9.2 The use of Tv examination is discreption by the organization. If the images will not sufficien, the organization keep faith at the refree report. Throgh Tv examination is possible contest any yellow or red cards.               
9.3 Var will we available just for matches based on direct elimination, that is about the match is valid for the elimination from the competition.
9.4 Var can be request just once a match, once a team. It’s going to requested from the captain when the game is stopped. It must refer to the action immediatly previous the stop. Only the refree can consulting the images and if that unsufficient to value the episode, the decision is about refree discreption.
9.5 Any change of decision by the refree, will be considered retroactive. The refree is so able to change his decision previously imposed (ex… the refree will warn or excrete a player, undo a gol if the ball isn’t inside, undo a gol if the action was spoiled by a foul, undo a foul, change his decision).

10.1 Racism episode from our supporters behave the suspension of the match. The responsible will prosecuted by law and the team will losed the game for 4-0 by default and the team recived a sanction (-1 in the ranking).
10.2 Any damages caused at the sportive structures, will be borne by the team.
10.3 Supporters and fan, it’s going to stay in his dedicated space.
10.4 Are forbidden banners and choirs containing insults turned on a single player of others teams.
10.5 It’s forbidden the use of flammable products before, during and after the matches.

11.1 All the images, video, pictures, clip and highlights of the matches are propriety of Asd Cun, that reserved the possibility to sell them at thirs party.
11.2 Every teams at the end of the match, must obligatorily present a player or a leader of the team.
11.3 Is not possible stopped near the restricted area time for video shoot and commentary for don’t make noise at the operators.
11.4 All the players, agree the processing of personal data and about the exploitation of the right of publicity by the current legislation.
11.5 All the proceeds deriving by the selld of the personal data, will be divided for all the teams, Expo Cup withhold the 10% of collections for donate them to charity.

CUN ASD decline any civil and criminal responsability for any accident at players, or to thirs parties that they shoul happen before, during or after the matches.