For the attention of all the players.

Below are the specifications related to the fines for the 2017 season.

1. RACISTIC EPISODES: any injury to racist background by the players or the curve will be punished with -1 penalty point in the standings.

2. DELAYS: the organization grants each team a delay. From the second delay the fine will be € 50.00. From the third delay to follow, the fine will correspond to € 100.00.

3. NON-SUITABLE PLAYER: if a player takes part in the final stages without possessing the requisites required by the organization, the penalty will be the 4-0 defeat at the table and a € 200.00 fine.

4. NO TEAM PRESENT: if a team does not show up at the scheduled competition and communicated by the organization well in advance, the penalty will be € 200.00 fine and -1 penalty point in the ranking.

5. DAMAGE TO THE SPORTS CENTER: any episode of violence to objects or people inside the sports center, provides a fine of € 200.00 variable at the discretion of the organization.

6. DELAY IN PAYMENT: if a team does not provide for the payment of the registration fee or a fine no later than the scheduled date, a further fine of € 100.00 will be imposed.

7. DIVIDED NON-CONFORMITY: Should a player take the field with a non-conforming uniform compared to that of his teammates, he will be punished with a fine of € 10.00

N.B. All participants are asked to know the rules. For all the points listed above and for the entire duration of the competition, the official "EXPO CUP 2018" regulations are used.